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4 x 4 Driver Training


The amount of off-highway recreation vehicles has increased over the years. There is no special license required to drive off-road, even though there are many different techniques and practices involved. To drive a vehicle off road requires an entirely different set of skills to driving on road. Added to those skills must be included training in the safe and correct means of handling a vehicle recovery.

Brief Description

The driver will receive in-depth knowledge on the vehicle's safety features and responses. He or she will also learn to navigate inclines, declines, cambered bends, approach and departure angles, break over points, cross axles and trails.


  • Have an overview of the vehicle.
  • Conduct a vehicle walk around and familiarisation of the various systems including fluid level checks, air brake systems and the drive train.
  • Understand all the driving features and benefits of the vehicle.
  • Understand all the active & passive safety systems.
  • On road demonstration drive by trainer.
  • Delegate to drive under supervision applying practical driving skills.
  • Use practical driving tips effectively.


  • The delegate will be more confident and capable to safely drive a 4x4 vehicle in any off-road environment.

Minimum Requirements

Correct license to drive vehicle type and a valid PrDP including dangerous goods if necessary.

Group Size

1 Trainer to 4 Delegates

Kindly note the following:

  • Training Venue: Mercedes-Benz South Africa head office, 123 Wierda Rd, Zwartkop, Centurion¬†Click here for directions
  • Times: 08:00 to 16:00pm

Price on request

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