Our brand
The FUSO brand is built on trusted quality, economic efficiency, solid and functional design as well as committed service. We're also known for our culture of innovation and lowest total cost of ownership model.

Trusted quality

For any fleet, better payloads and optimum uptime depend on reliability and durability. That's why we're continually sharing our R&D expertise from around the world, and applying the most advanced designs to the best materials available.

To guarantee quality, we apply the Commercial Vehicle Development System (CVDS) from project launch to production.

We also apply Daimler's Truck Operating System in adopting the best manufacturing methods from around the world to continually meet and improve on safety, quality, cost, delivery, environment and morale.

Economic efficiency

Our vehicles are known for their benchmark fuel efficiency and ecology as well as their best lifetime cost advantage, which takes into account the initial purchase price, cost and profit drivers, residual values, tax and insurance advantages, maintenance cycles and fuel efficiency.

Our plants are efficient, too. We monitor energy use with a state-of-the art energy management system. And through green innovation in logistics, we have introduced modal shifts and milk run supply chains to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Solid and functional design

We're passionate about designing vehicles that are just as comfortable and practical to use as they are well made and reliable. Good design, after all, results from an ideal combination of utility and aesthetics.

But what also makes our vehicles so popular is that we listen to our customers before we design them.

The FUSO Canter, for instance, pioneered an in-panel shifter because drivers needed to exit the cab from both sides in some applications. And the optional headlight configurations on our medium-duty trucks were inspired by the varying needs of construction and city applications.

With world firsts such as pneumatic shift transmission, shock-reducing DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission and onboard display units, FUSO continues to embrace and adapt new technologies to improve our vehicles.

Committed service

Across all disciplines, our staff are regularly skilled up through various FUSO dealership training programmes. This ensures that our customers always receive the best service.

Our parts are tested to manufacturer specifications and are provided by the original supplier to make sure they work exactly as they should.

The comprehensive warranties and maintenance leases we offer reflect our faith in the longevity and reliability of our vehicles.


FUSO is an integral part of Daimler AG, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles.

Imported from Japan and India in completely knocked down kits, the FUSO range is assembled on the fully integrated production line at our plant in East London, South Africa.

FUSO South Africa is headquartered at Mercedes-Benz SA in Pretoria, and supports an extensive dealership network that spans Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.