Access to quality service, and the availability of parts, determines how well and how long your fleet performs.

Throughout our extensive Southern African network of service centres, our specially trained technicians are ready to address all your service needs.

By guaranteeing FUSO Genuine Parts and properly implementing essential maintenance, we can keep your vehicles running smoothly to minimise the impact of downtime on your business.

We're always looking to improve ourselves and our offering, innovating and developing new technology for driving performance and comfort, to give you the best value for your money.

Our service promise

Responsive and responsible customer care is a FUSO hallmark.

With our extensive dealership network in Southern Africa, FUSO customers can rest assured that their vehicles are always maintained in excellent working, profit-generating condition.

Our 'WE PROMISE' service concept ensures a consistently high-quality service experience for customers. Ensuring essential maintenance is properly implemented and fitting high-quality FUSO Genuine Parts keep their vehicles running smoothly and minimise their downtime.

Service warranty terms

The FUSO warranty coverage has been extended to be more competitive and offer greater value to our existing customers. This extension only applies to the following vehicles bought on or after 1 October 2013.

  • FUSO Canter (FE/FG), FUSO FA and FUSO Fighter (FK/FM): 24 months / unlimited kilometres (bumper-to-bumper), including the drivetrain
  • FUSO SuperGreat (FP18-350 TT): 12 months / unlimited kilometres (bumper-to-bumper), 36 months / 600 000km on drivetrain

Service24h roadside assistance

Our innovative, fully automated system helps to radically reduce downtime whenever and wherever you experience a vehicle breakdown.

Contact the Customer Assistance Centre Toll Free: 0800 1 333 55