Service Kit Major
Service Kit Major
Part no: LA99999103
R1 082.15 incl. VAT
You save R357.15
Model info
Kit contents
1 x Engine sump plug
1 x Engine sump plug gasket
1 x Rocker cover gasket
1 x Oil filter cartridge
1 x Fuel filter element
1 x Fuel/water separator element
1 x Air inner element
1 x Air outer element
1 x Heater air intake filter
1 x Alternator V-belt
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FUSO Genuine Parts Warranty

There is a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty on all FUSO Genuine Parts, whether the repair or fitment is carried out at a FUSO dealer or by your own technicians.

According to our terms and conditions, if a part bought over the counter is fitted outside of a FUSO dealer:

  • There is no warranty on the labour should the part fail again
  • If consequential damage occurs due to a failed part, only the failed part is paid for and not the consequential damage
  • There is no roadside assistance (e.g. no towing or travelling charges guarantee)

If your FUSO GenuinePart is fitted at a FUSO dealer, the FUSO Genuine Parts Warranty covers all of the above.