Our vehicle financing solutions give you the flexibility to meet your immediate needs, and the freedom to choose the best way forward should your business needs change in future.

Our solutions include

Contract purchase (Choices)

Choose to take ownership on final payment, trade in for a new model, extend your contract or return the vehicle.

Lease agreement

Choose to take ownership, extend your contract or return the vehicle at the end of your lease agreement.

Instalment agreement

Take ownership on final payment, with traditional financing and no mandatory deposit.

Rental agreement

Make payments based on the mileage you anticipate, with an option to buy the vehicle, while we carry the risk.

Instalment agreement with balloon payment

Take ownership on final payment of an agreed-upon amount, with fixed or variable interest rates.

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When are payments on my contract due?

Your first payment date is indicated on your contract under the payment schedule. Should the date fall on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will be collected on the next business day.

The remaining monthly payments will be deducted until the final payment is received as indicated in your contract under the payment schedule.

What is the amount of my monthly payment?

The rand value of the monthly payment is indicated in your contract under the payment schedule. For all lease and rental customers, your instalment amount excludes the VAT amount payable on a monthly basis.

Is there an initiation fee?

Yes, the initiation fee specified in your schedule covers the cost of initiating our credit agreement, as per the National Credit Act. You can either finance the fee in your principal debt (it will attract interest), or pay it upfront (interest free).

Do monthly service fees apply?

Yes, the frequency and value of the amount is stipulated in your contract. They cover the maintenance involved in the contract (e.g. maintaining the system and processing of debit orders).

How do I change my personal or payment details?

You can change certain personal details by calling us on our customer service hotline: 0861 324 653. Our customer service agents can advise you on how to submit a written request with supporting documents for changes to your physical address or banking details.

When do I receive my account statements?

After the 25th of every month via email, and after the 25th of every second month via post.

Are penalties charged for early settlement?

If you’re a private individual and the principal debt on conclusion of your agreement is under R250 000, the National Credit Act allows for 90 days penalty interest, plus daily interest (from the last instalment date) to be included in your settlement. You can avoid this by giving 90 days’ notice of your intention to settle.

What is your standard lending rate?

The FUSO lending rate is determined by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. It works like prime rate, and can be adjusted from time to time (resulting in an increase or decrease in your monthly repayment).

Do you have a debt review helpline?

Yes, please call +27 (0)12 673 6845 for assistance. For more help on debt review, please go to the National Debt Mediation Association website at ndma.org.za. (Mercedes-Benz Financial Services belongs to this association.)

Service24h roadside assistance

Our innovative, fully automated system helps to radically reduce downtime whenever and wherever you experience a vehicle breakdown.

Contact the Customer Assistance Centre Toll Free: 0800 1 333 55