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Fuso Supergreat (FP/FV)

Extra Heavy Commerical Vehicle

Introducing the SuperGreat (FP/FV)

Our FUSO SuperGreat range is a culmination of decades of FUSO innovation and automotive know-how. We've also embraced the latest world-proven, heavy-truck technology, which is now available for 4x2 and 6x4 configurations at 18 to 26 tons. Each model embodies true excellence in terms of driver comfort, safety, durability, and economy. FUSO SuperGreat is a force to be reckoned with. (Limited Stock Available)

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FP 18-350 FV 26-350 TIP



One engine model, designed with fuel economy as a prime output, powers the entire range. At 12 882cc displacement, the FUSO in-line six, turbo-intercooled diesel engine provides up to 257kW of power, and 1 620Nm of torque, in our line-haul Truck Tractor and Tipper models (the Tipper has a tried-and-tested 10-speed gearbox). Items that need regular checks are located under the front panel, which lifts up for direct access. And modified hinges allow for 45-degree cab-tilt for easy access.


A lighter and stronger frame has been developed for the FUSO SuperGreat series. These engineering enhancements, including side-rail and cross-member web rivets, have made the chassis much lighter and more durable, suiting it to any load requirement or road conditions.


ABS, self-adjusting brakes, non-asbestos brake linings, reverse warning buzzer, tachometer, spin-on type fuel filter, spin-on type engine oil filter, seatbelts, cigarette lighter, heater and defroster, standard tool set, hydraulic jack, air conditioner


The transmission is designed for smoother operation, improving turnaround times and reducing driver fatigue for safer trips.


FUSO SuperGreat trucks are equipped with a dual-circuit air braking system, including ABS. Thicker brake linings improve the truck's braking performance. They also last longer, extending the vehicle's time between maintenance intervals. All FUSO Cabs are crash tested for the safe protection of the driver and passengers.


The cab is mounted on coil springs with shock absorbers, effectively diminishing road shock, protecting the cab's integrity and providing a smooth ride to reduce driver fatigue. Lots of room inside the cab makes it very comfortable and practical. Its driver-friendly, ergonomic design are complemented by a glare-free instrument panel and adjustable steering wheel.



FUSO Trucks are warranted against defects and faulty workmanship. Contact your nearest dealer to experience what Quality and Reliability really means. Terms and conditions apply.

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We keep your vehicles running perfectly to minimise the impact of downtime on your business. Contact your nearest dealer for a tailor-made SERVICE PLAN to fit your needs. Best Service Support from FUSO.


Our dealer network is ready to assist with customing your FUSO Truck meet all your requirements and suit your budget. Contact your nearest dealer for Value for Money at its best.

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