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 BLC Plant, Africa’s leading earthmoving equipment dealer located in the heart of Kew, a well-known industrial part of Johannesburg. This flourishing company has been a long- standing customer for Mercedes- Benz Trucks within the Customer Service and Parts business for more than ten years. BLC Plant bulk purchases complete Mercedes-Benz Trucks engines mainly for the Bell specialized machinery. There is evidently a very strong synergy between Mercedes-Benz Trucks and BLC Plant; both companies are eminent for being customer- centric and going the extra mile to exceed customers’ expectations. As a result, both have thrived as they currently boast a strong Southern Africa presence. The footprint for BLC Pant operation spans all corners of the globe from Africa to North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia. They take pride in their superior 24/7 customer support, extremely rigid production process as well as tailored in- house finance solutions to help businesses grow. The company sets the benchmark for high quality, variety, and affordable parts. Its main business focus is to procure used and fully refurbished earthmoving equipment. After extensive evaluation, repairs, and on-site testing, they then sell or lease the refurbished equipment to small, medium, and large businesses across various industries such as mining, plant hire, construction, and state- owned enterprises. Decades later, with over 600 machines in stock, over 450 employees, and more than 100 000m2 of workshops and offices, the BLC Plant continues to strive to offer innovative solutions to help emerging miners and contractors across Africa navigate their way from an entrepreneurial dream to a sustainable reality.     

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